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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rob "Birthday" Pattinson

Thank you, Derry, for the music for tonight. xoxo

Just a note:

This is a special day for RMP... One year! I want to thank you all so very much for all your support and encouragement on this amazing journey.

I've met so many wonderful women on FB and Twitter that have made me smile everyday. I've loved the comments, the tweets and the personal messages from all of you. This would never even exist without all of you.

I have so much to say to each of you, but I hope that my collective hug and kisses will make you all feel as special as you are to me.

All of my love, kisses and inappropriate touching,

Caro and Derry...thank you. I love you both always. xoxo


  1. Congrats on making it a year!!! You're truly talented and I love waking up to see your post in my email...I hope there will be more years to come.

  2. I missed RMP's bday too?! JFC I'm sick and tired of RL getting in the way of online funtimes. :-/

    Anyway, Lindz, you are one fluffing amazing women in so many aspects. And your ability to make Prettah even sexier is one of them. You have a gift, my friend. A very soaked panty inducing gift. ;-)

    That first pic? Holy fucking shit is that ever damn hot. Makes me wish I was shorter so my car sexytimes were this fun! And the second pic? Unnnnnnnnn ggggggghhh <----me imitating Homer. He is calling me to bed in that pic. So if you'll excuse me, I must go oblige ;)

    PS, it's been only a pleasure to go on this RMP trip. Can't believe a year has gone by already. That's a whole lotta exteme finger action ;)

  3. Feliz aniversario, gracias totales por compartir tus creaciones con nosotras,
    Besotes desde Colombia! ♥