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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rob "Have a Puff" Pattinson

Thanks to Derrydown for the tunes to rock the RMP

RMP featured on Robmusement and Robzsinger

We just wanted to thank the wonderful ladies who featured RMP on their blogs this week. It is a great honor not only to be recognized but to be shown such copious amounts of love.  We feel the same way, ladies!

So thanks to Robmusement for highlighting Storytime with RMP in the "Best of the week" section--as well as featuring RMP pics almost every week on the blog--, and to Robzsinger for devoting an entire post to RMP and sharing some of her favorite manis.

Be sure to check out these great, and sexy, blogs for all things Twilight/Robert Pattinson.  They are blogs you do not want to miss!

Also, you may have noticed that we have some sexy new buttons c/o Miss Luscious Lindz herself.  So if you're liking the buttons, grab away!