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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rob "Tip My Hat" Pattinson

A special thanks to Creator-of Fanficanon who so graciously provided me with loads of material, this being one of them. Thanks! Many more where this came from ;)

Rob "Sexy Bath" Pattinson

Lindz is a Wiener!

Come on now, people. How proud of her are we?!  She done so good with her entry in the Manip Challenge on the Sparkling Citrus website.  And all of you done so good to vote for her!

Please excuse my terminology. It seems that Mr. Eddie Cullen is rubbing me, I mean, rubbing off on me. ;-)

Let's have a look-see at what got Lindz the win...

Congratulaions, Lindz! You are 10 shades of awesomeness!

FanArt: Let's get it on

Made by: Jovichic

Video: You Tube Video By Vale

A very special thank you goes to Vale for her beautiful compilation of our very own RMP.