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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rob " Hats Off" Pattinson

Thank you, Derry for the awesome song!


  1. I don't know how you do it. You make it look sooo easy. Great job. Oh the naughty things I want to do to this man!

  2. Hey
    i was wondering something
    I am staring to write a fanfic for ffn
    and i was wondering if you can please make me 2 pictures

    one of Edward and Jasper
    and then Emmett and Jasper

    it will really mean alot to me
    it really really would

    hopefully longer from up and down

    i will post your blinkie on my ffn pro
    and umm

    idk if its possible for you to make them withouth the huge url on the picture.
    is it?

    if it has to be there can it idk be smaller
    sorry im im being rude, i just idk think it distracts from your amazing work

  3. Hey, MP...can you send me an email with your request? My email is on my blogger profile - if you click on my name up under 'Robmaniporn'ers' it will show my email addy. Thanks! If you have pics in mind, be sure to include those and details of what exactly you are looking for.


  4. Hey Lindz :)
    i tried to follow your intructions but a pop up screen appeared stating that the Mail thing hasnt been properly instaled or something.

    i hope theres a way that we can discuss this.

    because i really am looking foward to this :)
    I love your pivtures and it will give my story a little something extra i believe :)

    If anything please let me know or if you end up fixing the email thing

    all i really want is a sexy yet loveing picture of both Edward and jasper and another of jasper and Emmett. Preferably if they are longer from up and down the rest can be left to your creativity. you are the expert :)

    lets hope i can get to your email

    (( i hope my request to not have the URL all big on the picture didnt get you mad, i mean it can still be there duh its your art and i will post the blinkie, lol, maybe its my ocd but the big url distrtacts me. i hope you dont get mad though, im very grateful you have agreed to make me one ))

  5. Okay, go ahead and email me at

    We can get in touch that way and work out the details :) Looking forward to this!!