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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rob "Sporting the Buckle" Pattinson

Thank you Derry...the music is perfect


  1. Holy crap! Does that belt buckle really say, "Sweet Cream?" Perfect!

  2. This one makes me think of "Coloring Outside the Lines". It's the sequel to "The Redline". If you haven't read it, run and check it out.
    Cowboyward is heart stoppingly sexy!!
    Another great one Lindz!

  3. @bizzi yeah, it does say that...I had to add a little personal touch to this one for a lovely friend of mine :)

    @PFM I LOVE 'The Redline' and heard about the sequel, but haven't started it yet...but it seems I should start it sooner rather than!

    Thanks for the comments, I appreciate them so much!xoxo