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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rob "Full Monty" Pattinson

We'd like to thank you all so much for the support, the comments and the fun we've had doing this. We've reached 250 followers and as promised, we present to you The Full Monty

Thanks to Derry for her song choice tonight, and always.


Wretched, wretched
Wretched, wretched me
But I toast life!
What a mystery my life is
what a mystery!
I am a sinner from the year 80,000
A liar!
But where am I, what am I doing
How do I live
I live in the soul of the world
Lost in the depths of life

Wretched, wretched me
But I toast life!

I am the saint who betrayed you
when you were alone
I live elsewhere and observe the world
from the sky
and I see the sea and the forests,
I see myself...
I live in the soul of the world
lost in the depths of life!

Wretched, wretched me,
but I toast life!


  1. h00r down! h00r down! Call the Robulance!!!
    JFC! This is hotter than the hottest circle of hell! I actually think I came a little *blushes*

  2. holy fuck that is the hottest piece of cock i've seen.. great job... jeez.. it's hot in here.. hormones have just spiked out of this fuckin world... thanks.. ;)

  3. What a beautiful Full Monty, Lindz! Good God, Derry! Perfection with the song...The emotional treble in their voices as they sing matches that in my belly as I stare at this beautiful picture!

  4. oh my hale!!!!
    that is fucking hot!!!!!
    I gotta say, I felt my hoohah tingle all the way up to my neck.
    Jesus Lindz and Caro, this is spectacular!
    (great music too Derry)

  5. @Mina LMFAO! You made me spit a little.

    Lindz is a fucking h00r with her skillz. I want to cast her fingers in bronze, but then they wouldn't bad idea :-S

    This pic just made my top 5 faves! Every INCH is WIN! :)


    That is one PRETTY COCK!!!

    And an equally edible torso. *swoon* Fabulous choice of pretty for The Pretty!!! Thanks Ladies!!! (I'm quite certain I just came a little.) ;D

  7. Very niiiiiice!!! That is definitely worth the wait ;)

  8. OMG *thud*

    srsly Lindz you are amazing! WOWZA!

  9. Hot damn! I had to turn on the fan before I sweated off my just applied make-up! That was just what I needed to see before going off to work!

  10. O.M.G. Such a beautiful Monty it is...great job on the manip girls, can't even tell it's not the real deal! I'll be visting again when I'm at home, alone... ;)

  11. It's taking everything I have to even tear myself away from this picture to WRITE a comment! are a genius. I have to go now...I need some alone time with this pic....


    No... no words. Fuckin' A!
    Thank you girls! I'm a happy h00r right now! :D

  13. OME!!! This is one amazing fucking Thursday! That's a fucking beautiful piece of man meat. LINDZ! Well fucking done!

  14. Lindz BEST one yet. Holy CockAtoo. Just makes you wanna be sore from riding.

  15. Gawd, how I love you all so much. Not only does that peen make me all jittery, but now I have a giant smile on my face.

    Thank you all for your wonderful is my fucking pleasure to deliver you some much awaited peen.

    I wish there was a 'love' button for each comment because I love them all so much! (I said much and love alot, I know, but it's true!!)


  16. Just wondering what we have to do to get that more often.

  17. LOL@pfm well, he's not that shy anymore so maybe he'll let it all hang out again, yeah?