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Friday, August 13, 2010

Youtube Video by Dontlive Inregret

This great video was made by Dontlive Inregret from Facebook; a tribute to Tyler (Remember Me) and RMP. Thanks DLIR :-)

Music: Kings of Leon - Closer


  1. 1:15 is one of my fave robmanips. gah!
    great song. thanks for the hot vid:)
    blog is lookin good.

  2. Mmmm, yes. That is definitely on my top favs list. :)

    Thanks RS! We're having a lot of fun making and displaying The Pretteh

  3. LOVED The Video and gave Dontlive Inregret my praises and think the person that gave her a bad review needs a BITCH SLAP - just sayin'. :) - RobzSinger I SO AGREE!! :)

  4. Thanks ladies, I appreciate it.

  5. Oh damn I love the whole thing - I was going to tell you a couple of other minute pieces I loved but I lost track - way too many - so yes loved it all. :) - Lindz you are the bomb; I tried looking really hard to see where his face lines ended and where the body started and I couldn't see any. On other manips it's sooo very obivious. Yours - damn they look like their'll really Rob!! MWAH to all of you!!

  6. Très belle vidéos, très belles manip. Congrats !
    And Thank you !

  7. Sweet, Excellent video