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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Special RMP for the 250th Follower!

Have you been enjoying the RobManiPorn posts? Do you sit at your computer and drool at the perfection that is RMP (like I do)? Well, imagine that perfection in...full...monty.

Yes, you heard me right!  Full Monty Rob, people!

Lindz and I have decided to have a special RobManiPorn post for the 250th blog follower.  All it will take is clicking that "Follow" button over there ----------------------------->

Have I convinced you yet?

Do I need to give you some incentive?  Oh alright.  How would you like to see something like this, Robified?...

You h00rs! You actually thought I'd give you the full pic? *snickers* We'll have to wait till we get to 250 followers. ;-)

Bewbie and junk jiggles,


  1. HI my lovelies.......ohhhhh im sooo excited for hot pics

  2. Alright, I wanna see dick! So, I guess I'll pimp y'all out! :D I do love a full monty, especially a Rob-monty!

  3. YES! Pimp like the h00r you are! :) *muah*