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Monday, July 19, 2010

Special Request: Rob "Look At My Hydrant" Pattinson

This post is dedicated to Eddies Hoor on FB...He's ready to put our you fire ;)


  1. I am such a horrid person and RobPorn lover! I never came and said thank you here! I know I raved and came over on FB, but here is where I should of posted my thanks! Y'all seriously rock and I love you both. This pic is seriously fuckhot and I am so using it on all my computers here at home. :D Mr H00r isn't too thrilled to be looking at Rob's fine body, but oh, well!! Thank you so much, again and again. xoxoxo EddiesH00r!

  2. Aw, Eho! We knew you were thankful, but it's nice to see your love posted here on the blog. :)

  3. It was my pleasure, me! LOL! Thanks for coming by the blog :)