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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rob "Unwinding" Pattinson


  1. Let me help you unwind, bb... I will bring you a drink, a smoke and whatever else you want. Oh, me? In your lap? **blushes** okay, whatever you say **crawls up on his lap**

  2. *giggles* Lindz you are too much. The lap is quite inviting though. I have an idea, you busy his mouth while you're on his lap, and I'll...*gets down on the floor between his legs* just get comfortable...*pushes RMP's legs apart" :)

  3. Oooooh I have to have this!!! I already have something in mind for it!! please!! ;)

    And ooooh MY GAWD you 2 - LMAO!! I'm thinking about starting at that neck and just working down..... :D

    thank you ladies!!
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