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Monday, June 7, 2010

Rob "Laid Back" Pattinson


  1. oooooooh *thud*....I'm thinkin that hip looks really good to nibble on....Oh Hell.... :P

  2. I'm thinking I'd like to nibble more than just that hip ;o)

  3. Don't you love how I strategically placed the 'O' over his nipple? It kind of draws you in to the sweet nibbling..good idea, tho I might just take a bite, sorry Robbie

  4. LOL @ Sweet spot. I so was not thinking his nipple when I read that. *SNORT SNORT SNORT*

  5. well Caro - I would just start there....and who knows where I would end!!! HAHAHAHAHA

    Ok now I gotta get ready for work...oh hell Rob sex on the brain...hahaha

  6. Holy hell! I think this is my favourite one yet!

    Since Stan @Edbrella pimped your site, my life has never been the same, lol!

    @Lindz Now I can't look at it without focussing on his 'sweet spot'!

  7. Yes yes this is one of my favorites too!!!
    Playing with this one this morning
    Caro I noticed the O too...yup O marks the spot

  8. BUAHAHAHAH!!! I might have to play with the placement of the 'O' from now on ;)

    LOL@Jovi&C I facking love the dirty, pervy minds you all have, makes me smile

    Yay @ Becky! We were so stoked to be introduced there, glad to have you here :)

    I'm with you @MrsE..this is one of my fave's too...gets me all tingly!

    Thanks so much ladies, you all make this so much fun!