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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rob "Grabbing His Junk" Pattinson

This post is dedicated to Derrydown Green from Facebook


  1. Alright, when I first saw this pic, this was my reacion....




    *kicks feet and holds face*

    I went full on schoolgirl when I saw it. So what does that say? I mean, fuck. You made me blush!

  2. bwaahahahah. thanks, lindz. sure,sure. blame it on me!

    --derrydown green.

  3. Now that's the way to treat the 50th follower and Caro - so with you on the school girl reaction. Damn wet panties again. LOL!!! Damn with a pic like this I better have wet panites or something is wrong. I'm happily ok and really going to sleep well tonight. Well I might be very busy in my dreams and be dead tired tomorrow - oh well it's a holiday in the US. Sweet, no work. :)

  4. LOL @ Charlene. Yeah if you had dry panties you would worry me ;o)

  5. LOL@ Derry...I had to blame someone,right? My solid mantra I live by: "Not my fault" right Caro?

    LMAO@ Char! Yeah, I hear ya...oh, and this isn't the 50th follower treat...this was all for that girl Derry up there...she is the uber supplier of good porn! That special will be today :)

  6. *nods at Lindz* Which I usually follow with "It's not my fault either, it's *insert name here*'s fault" :D

  7. ************SPEACHLESS*********************


  8. STLLLLLL STARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. :D I was waiting for you! LOL Glad you like it!

  10. Thanx to Mrs.ECullen ....
    I found you all.... :D

    And all I can say is WOW WOW WOW...

    Oh BLOODY HELL... :P

    I'm still holding my breath!!

    I'm NEVER gonna be the same.

  11. Woot! Welcome to RMP :) We adore MrsE here and her beautiful creations...(check the fanart page).

    So happy to have you aboard! Enjoy the Par-tay and the scenery!


  12. So glad you like RMP, Jovichic! Make sure to click the FOLLOW buttone ;o)

  13. Thank you ladies for the Warm Welcome! :)

    And YES MrsEC makes beautiful fanart!! We are in a few (ok more then a few groups) fanart groups :D.

    Oh yes - I'm 1 step ahead of ya ~ I'm already following..hehe ;).


  14. Ok so ladies I did use 1 of your pictures and I made fan art with it but i can't figure out for the life of me how to post I guess come check out my page and you can see it. It's an Edward & Bella it's possible that I have 2 of your pictures...but 1 for sure that I know of it and I gave credit to your if the other is also your's just let me know and I'll also post the credit to you :)
    And ok I just had to come take another look at Mr Hawt Stuff!!! I won't poke my mind's eye....LMAO

  15. Hey Jovi! I LOVE THE ARTWORK! If you ever make something that you want up on the Fan Artwork Page here, just email it to :)

  16. I love it Jovi! Yeah what Caro said...and we will gladly put it up with a link to your blog :)

  17. Ladies you are AWESOME!! :)

    and thank you both glad you got to see what I made :) and of course I will share for sure! (: